11 Essential Tips for Winning Child Custody in Carrolton TX

Divorce is something you would have never imagined but what’s worse is battling for child custody rights. You can move on with life and marry someone else but your children forever remain an important part of your life that you want to fight for till the very end.

It’s natural for you to feel frustrated and sensitive regarding this issue. After all, you have every right to demand that your children stay with you or at least work out an equal custodianship with your ex.

But you can only win the case if you follow these 11 important tips:

1. Hire a seasoned family lawyer in Carrolton TX

One of the first steps of getting sole or joint custody for your children should be hiring a highly qualified and expert family attorney in Carrolton TX. Lawyers that are well acquainted with family law are perfect for this and will guide you along on how to take the further steps in winning custody.

They have seen hundreds of cases like these so they will exactly tell you what you are doing wrong and ensure that your case is very strong when presented n court.

2. Show a willingness to work things out with your ex

Being cooperative is the key for making you seem like a flexible and easy to live with person. If the court deems you as such, then it will be easier for you to win. However, if you are uncooperative then don’t be surprised that you lose the custody.

There are people who have lost custody on this reason alone that they are not willing to find a grey area in regards to the custody. Remember the court does not see you and your ex as a priority, they first see the children. They will only rule in favor of the parent that is fit to raise kids in a healthy environment. Any family lawyer in Carrolton TX will tell you that cooperation is the key to winning your children’s custody. You are not the only parent who deserves to be with the kids so please keep that into consideration as well.

3. Request an in-home custody evaluation

Your family attorney in Carrolton TX might suggest you to have an in-home custody evaluation done or you can request one yourself. This comes in extremely handy if you want the judge to see that you are willing to show every proof that you are a fit parent.

It also makes it easier for the court to decide if the children can be raised in the environment you are going to be providing them. A good evaluation can result in making your case stronger and also cancel out any false accusations from your ex that you can’t provide a healthy and safe place for the children to stay at.

4. Make a good impression

It is very crucial for you to be able to present yourself well in court. It won’t matter what is being said during the proceedings but if you have made a bad impression of yourself in front of the judge and jury, then that can jeopardize a lot of things.

Not coming to hearings on time, missing court dates, dressing up sloppily and not talking respectfully enough or showing even a hint of strange attitude then your chances will get thin to non-existent in no time. Your family lawyer in Carrolton TX will brief you on how you can present yourself well in front of everyone in court and practice proper courtroom etiquette.

5. Remain calm

A calm and composed parent is just what the court wants to see in you in order to decide if you are fit for custody or not. One wrong move and your whole image is going to be tarnished and you will lose the kids to your ex. It is normal to feel angry, agitated and a host of other feelings during this time but it will only work out for the better if you don’t lose your cool in any situation.

If you show any sign of anger or aggression then the court will rule out your behavior pattern to be such that could be detrimental to your children’s well being and safety. Your main job is to show that you are a loving and caring parent to the best of your ability.

6. Exercise your parental duties and rights

If you have been given visitation rights by the court for the time being, then make sure to take full advantage of it. This will show your dedication and love towards your kids. If you don’t visit your kids often it will only show that you could care less and are not affected by your kids living apart from you.

Attend every event your child is involved in such as games or school meetings. If for some reason you missed a visit then arrange another day to meet them or have them over.

7. Learn something about family law

Although your family lawyer in Carrolton TX is enough for handling your custody case, it is still helpful to teach yourself some important and fundamental things about family law. This is to ensure that you understand and know what to expect when it comes to family law in your state.


8. Prepare documents and proof

In circumstances where you know your children are not going to be safe with the other  parent, gather all  evidence and prepare documentations regarding this matter. For instance, if the other parent has a history of abuse or use of drugs/alcohol etc then keep note of all your interactions with him/her and talk about it with your lawyer.

You should also be wary that your ex can do the same and prepare documentations against you too.

9. Don’t make false accusations against the other parent or blow things out of proportion

It might be tempting to do so but it is a dirty tactic that you must stay away from. Don’t lie to your lawyer or the court regarding the other parent of your children. It will not only hurt that person but your children as well.

They will also lose their trust in you and might later blame you for being a bad parent. Be fair and don’t make things up just so that you can win the custody battle.

10. Don’t talk about your ex negatively in front of the children

You can express your feelings of anger or frustration in front of trusted and close family or friends but never to the kids. They might end up revealing it all in front of your ex and it could be used against you in court.

Don’t use your children to win the case. Most parents make it more about their own egos to win the custody rights rather than just for being with their children.


11. Don’t refuse what the court ask you to do

Even if it seems unnecessary to you, you must do what the court asks you to do. This will only improve your chances and credibility in front of the judge and jury. If you are asked to seek counseling or parenting classes then do it. It will show how dedicated and serious you are to get your kids.

If you follow all these essential tips along with getting a good family attorney in Carrolton TX, then you will have  a greater chance of winning child custody.

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