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The Danger of Traffic Tickets

Many drivers are unaware of the consequences of paying a traffic ticket. I see it everyday. Pay the ticket and that’s it, right? Wrong! In Texas, if you pay a ticket and plead guilty or nolo contendre to a moving violation, like speeding, you will automatically receive 2 points on your driver’s license that will stay on your record for years. If there was an accident, that number changes to 3. Once you accumulate 6 points, you get surcharges. Surcharges are fines that must be paid yearly to the Texas Department of Public Safety to keep your license. Furthermore, certain offenses, like Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility– carry mandatory surcharges upon conviction. This means, if you just pay the ticket, you could be forced to spend over a thousand dollars over the next few years to keep your license. Lastly, your insurance carrier can raise your rates, or even cancel your policy, if your record looks bad to them as you are a risk. Your license can also be suspended due to too many violations within a certain period of time. That’s why the best thing to do is have an experienced traffic lawyer handle your case.

As for an example of how hard we fight for our clients, last week, I travelled almost 100 miles after leaving a pre-trial hearing on a felony drug case, to handle a speeding ticket and a failure to appear. When I met with the prosecutor, he wanted to charge our client nearly the maximum fine for both offenses, with a conviction. I explained how ridiculous he was, how the State failed to comply with their criminal discovery obligations and how the complaint (charging instrument) was defective. The prosecutor then asked what I wanted and I told him to dismiss the failure to appear and to give the minimum fee for the speeding ticket, with deferred adjudication and 30 days to pay. I told him if they wanted to be ridiculous,  I would take the case to a jury trial or appeal it to the county court. He began drafting the papers and gave me everything I wanted– which is what our client wanted. Even though it was a simple traffic case, I fought for my client’s rights and held the State of Texas to the standards they should be held to. It worked and our client was very happy. Big cases, small cases, we put in tremendous effort to protect and defend our clients. Contact us at 469-930-4385 so we can help you! Our client’s review is posted below:

“I was dealing with a precinct far from where I live over a speeding ticket I was served incorrectly. The individuals at this court were uncooperative for months, but Stephen Le Brocq stepped in and did what I had tried to do for almost a year in just one day. Beyond grateful for the services provided, and will recommend this law firm to anyone that may need it in the future!”- Client of Le Brocq Law Firm

Author Attorney, Stephen Lebrocq

Stephen Le Brocq is dedicated to providing his clients with excellent legal services in all areas of law. Stephen Le Brocq has handled cases ranging from slip-and-fall, felony drug trafficking, to contested and uncontested divorces, appeals in the Federal Courts, etc… His dedication and service to his clients is far beyond most attorneys. His clients are always well-informed of the status of their case and not left worrying about what will happen to their life.

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