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Leave it to Lebrocq to Handle Your Traffic Tickets and Warrants

Traffic tickets can hurt you financially. The huge fines can force you to borrow money or use your savings to pay them off. You will need to appear in the Carrollton, TX municipal court to submit your guilty plea. Doing so will leave a mark on your clean driving record. Texas follows The Driver Responsibility Program, a point-based system, which assigns surcharges based on specific traffic violations. What if you are one point away from paying an annual surcharge amount?

When you have a total of six points, you will have to pay a surcharge amount of $100 for the first six points. If you have more than six points; for each additional point on your driving record, you will have to pay $25. This amount varies from year to year and depends on the status of your driving record. You will have the option to pay the entire amount or pay it in installments.

This amount is in addition to all the other fees you will be paying. You will have to pay reinstatement fees, courthouse fees, and other penalties. In short, you will be paying a lot, meaning you will take a hit financially if you accumulate six or more points on your driving record.

Our Carrollton, TX Ticket Attorney Can Help You Keep Your Driving Record Point-Free

If you have been fined for a traffic violation, do not wait for another point to show up on your driving record. It doesn’t even matter if it’s your first point. You want to get in touch with your Carrollton, TX attorney as soon as possible. Using our years of experience in handling tickets and warrants in Carrollton and our expert understanding of the Carrollton, TX Court system, we have successfully helped a number of clients keep their driving records free of points.

We have been able to dismiss the traffic ticket completely from their driving record and in some cases, we have been able to reduce the fine. Even a reduction in fines has helped our clients remain financially stable. All cases are different and we try our best to get our clients a favorable outcome. In the event we are unable to get the desired outcome, we inform our clients. In any case, just remember; we give our 110% to provide you either a complete dismissal or a reduced charge.

Understanding the Texas Point System

The state’s point system adds points to your driving record. It is important for drivers to have a basic understanding of how the state’s point system works. When a police officer in Texas gives you a ticket for a traffic violation, you will receive a point on your driving record. How many points you will receive depends on the traffic violation. Here is a look at the point system:

  • Moving violations (2 points)
  • Collision violations (3 points)

The points remain on your driving record for three years. Out of these two violations, police officers fine drivers for moving violations more often than collision violations. If you accumulate four moving violations or more within twelve months, your license will be supsended. Another way for your license to get suspended is if you have seven or more moving violations within twenty-four months.

Keep Your Drivers License Because We Are Taking Your Case On!

You need a Carrollton, TX traffic attorney who is knowledgeable about the Texas Transportation Code and The Driver Responsibility Program. We stay vigilant and alert on what the current and latest traffic laws are in the state of Texas. Our aim is to help our clients maintain a clean driving record. We encourage clients to keep our phone number in their mobile phone because one never knows when they may need to rely on the services of Carrollton lawyers. Do not wait for the points to rake up! Get a head start before your points have a chance to reach six.

Common Violations in Texas the Result in Points

We have defended our clients against the following violations:

  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Not using turn signals
  • Passing another car on the right illegally
  • Operating a car recklessly
  • Running a stop sign or a red light
  • Following another car too  closely
  • No Commercial Operator’s License
  • Speeding over 10 percent above the assigned speed limit
  • No Drivers License
  • Unlawful Display or Possession of ID
  • Multiple Drivers License in Possession
  • Expired Commercial Operators License
  • Failure to Display ID
  • Domiciled in Texas over 30 Days
  • Railroad Violations

Do not make the mistake of pleading guilty because it will result in a fine or a surcharge if this was your sixth point. Plead or not guilty and get in touch with us to handle your case from there. Even though you can defend your case in front of the judge in Carrollton, TX, we advise drivers against doing that.

Unless you have law background or you are well versed in the traffic laws of the state, you will be at a disadvantage when presenting your case in front of the municipal court in Carrollton, TX. The court will have the upper hand as they will have more knowledge about your situation. By defending your traffic ticket in court, you risk losing. That is why you need to #LeaveItToLebrocq to fight the traffic ticket on your behalf.

How Can Your Traffic Lawyer in Carrollton, TX Help You?

Our clients can visit us for a variety of different services related to traffic violations, tickets, warrants, and omni holds. There are two types of warrants the court issues for the driver, alias and capias warrants. In the event that the driver fails to appear in the municipal court in Carrollton, TX at the scheduled date, the judge then issues a citation called a “violate promise to appear” or “failure to appear.”

Alias Warrant

The judge will fine you for not appearing in court as well as report the alias warrant to the Texas Omni System. Want some good news? If an alias warrant has been issued for you, we can help you get the warrants lifted in Carrollton, TX. Another (but not recommended) way to lift the alias warrant is to plead guilty and pay off the fines.

If you go down that route, you will have to pay hidden surcharges as well as face paying more for insurance. You can also pay off the tickets by going to jail. We do not recommend you do that either. Instead, you need to get in touch with a Carrollton, TX traffic attorney to assist you in lifting the alias warrant. Do not sit in jail, plead guilty, or post a cash bond! Consult with your trusted lawyers in Carrollton.

Capias Warrant

A capias warrant is more serious than the alias warrant. The judge will issue a capias warrant for your arrest if you fail to pay the fine after the court found you guilty at the trial. The judge will issue a capias warrant if you do not meet the conditions of the trial such as completing community service for a specified number of hours or failing to complete a required class such as a defensive driving class. Unfortunately, we are unable to lift a capias warrant and you will have to pay the outstanding fine, request more time, or serve time in jail.

We tell drivers not to plead guilty or for moving violations because we can help them get off the hook before it comes down to the judge issuing a warrant for their arrest. Let us handle going to the court on your behalf, but if you are set to appear, visit the court and plead either not guilty. Once you do that, we will take care of the rest.

If You Need a Capable Traffic Lawyer in Carrollton, TX to Fight Your Traffic Violation Case or Have a Warrant Lifted, We Are the Right Law Firm for the Job

You may be placed in the Omni Hold Database if you fail to pay for your citation. The Texas Department of Public Safety maintains the Texas Omni System. If the judge reports you to the Omni Database, you will be unable to renew your driver’s license. Note that your driver’s license is neither suspended nor revoked, but only your renewing privileges are taken away. Do not continue to drive your vehicle after your driver’s license expires. Get in touch with your Carrollton, TX traffic attorney to help you remove the Omni Hold so you can renew your license. Our Carrollton lawyers can take care of all the legalities involved with removing an Omni Hold. You will be required to pay a $30 Omni Hold fee.

Once you do, the court will notify the Department of Public Safety that you have paid your dues. However, keep in mind that not all municipal courts in Carrollton, TX place the driver’s name in the Texas Omni System.

Let Us Help You Dismiss and Lift Carrollton, TX Tickets and Warrants

We are the right Carrollton lawyers for the job because we show dedication and commitment to our clients’ issues and problems. We view their problems as ours and do our best to meet their expectations. When clients hire us, we aim to deliver them a stress-free experience. Here is what our clients can expect from us:

We Always Keep You in the Loop

You will always know what is happening with your case. If you want to learn more about your case, you are free to get in touch with us. If you are unable to reach us during office hours, we provide our clients with other ways they can reach us, like emailing us. We often send documents to one another via email. In some cases, we will let you know in advance if you need to visit our Carrollton, TX office to discuss something about your case or sign documents.

We Have Experience on Our Side

Our Carrollton, TX lawyers share years of experience. We have vast experience in dealing with several areas related to traffic tickets, warrants, and criminal law issues. Over the years, we have handled a number of different cases, thus giving us firsthand knowledge on what to expect.

We Can Protect Your Driving Record from Traffic Violations

You do not want to have a traffic violation on your driving record. In Carrollton, TX, we are one of the most qualified law firms. We have the team, the experience, and the resources to assist you in maintaining an untainted driving record. If you ever find yourself fined for a traffic violation, feel free to get in touch with us as soon as possible. If you pay it and get another traffic violation, you are putting yourself at risk of accessing a surcharge.

We Will Attend the Courthouse on Your Behalf

In most traffic violation situations, our clients do not have to attend court. However, some Carrollton, TX courts require the driver to appear in court, especially in cases where we need to lift a warrant. Additionally, if a case is set for trial, clients will need to attend on the scheduled trial date. If you live in another state and cannot attend court, we will represent you.

Since your absence in court during your trail may influence how we handle your case, it is important that you let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend the scheduled hearing date so we can lay out all the options and plan your case accordingly. Still, in most cases, you do not have to be present in court. We understand how frustrating it can get to find a parking space, make frequent trips to the courthouse, and miss work to attend court. Therefore, we will let you know ahead of time if we need you to be present in court or not.

We Will Help You Find a Way Out of the Traffic Violation

Most people are minimum wage workers. This means they may not be able to afford the fees associated with certain traffic violations. They have to take money out of their savings or have to borrow money from a friend or family member. They need a way out and we can give them a way out. We can help them by negotiating a lower fine and if we have grounds for a dismissal, we will get the traffic violation dismissed.

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Our Carrollton Texas Ticket Attorneys Make Customer Satisfaction Their Number One Priority

When you contract us your traffic lawyer in Carrollton, we promise to provide you with the following things:

  • We will down with you to go over the entire legal process in words you can understand
  • We will tell you each and every detail of the case
  • We will take away the hassle, the stress, and the inconvenience faced when dealing with traffic tickets and warrants
  • We will be honest with you from the beginning till the end about the case’s success ratio so you will know what to expect from the verdict
  • We will not treat you as just another client, but will provide you and the case the importance it deserves because no case is too big or small in our eyes

Stephen Le Brocq specializes as a Carrollton speeding ticket lawyer and he has handled several cases regarding tickets and warrants in Carrollton, TX. He has the knowledge and the experience to help you avoid paying costly fines and has exhibited excellent negotiation skills in the past to get his clients a reduced fine. He has helped commercial drivers keep their job by assisting them in dismissing a traffic ticket from their driving record and he can do the same for you.

If you have gotten a traffic ticket, get in touch with us as soon as possible. Do not let a traffic violation leave a mark on your driving record. #LeaveItToLebrocq

Leave it to Le Brocq!

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