The Do’s and Don’ts of Getting a Divorce in Carrolton TX

Getting a divorce is something that no couple ever imagines but it may unfortunately be something that a couple may have to go through for whatever reasons.

Divorce can be an extremely messy process. There is no easy way out but there is however, a smart way out of this situation so that your divorce proceedings end in a civil and smooth manner.

We realize that divorce makes one go through an emotional rollercoaster especially when there are other things involved such as children, property or finances. So to help make things relatively easy, here are a few do’s and don’ts that you must adhere to if you want the law to rule in your favor:

 Do hire a good lawyer

Hiring a good family lawyer in Carrolton TX is a surefire way to start your divorce proceedings on the right foot. Don’t even think about representing yourself in court as it will only make your case weak since you are not knowledgeable in divorce law.

You can end up making matters worse and losing therefore it is important that you hire a seasoned and qualified lawyer to represent you. The right kind of lawyer will always make your case concrete and fight for your rights in the courtroom.

People often think that by representing themselves in the court, they are going to save them money or make their case look more real but as Aristotle put it, “The law is reason free from passion”. So no amount of your pleadings will work if you can’t make your case strong and only rely on your emotions. You need someone with eloquent enough that can build your case up and make it look presentable in the court in front of the judge and the jury.

This is where a family attorney in Carrolton TX comes in to save the day.

Your lawyer will not only plead your case very matter -of -factly but will also pepper it with the right kind of emotion that the court will be able to digest. You will also be told on how to answer questions of the lawyer representing your spouse so that you speak for yourself articulately and correctly in the court.

 Do Cooperate

Any good family attorney in Carrolton TX will tell you that cooperation is an absolute must if you want your case to run in your favor. It is one thing to stand your ground and be firm but it is another to not listen to what the other party is trying to say and not try to see if the both of you can come to some sort of mutual agreement.

You must also cooperate with your lawyer so that both of you can work together as a team to make your case stronger.

 Do disclose all your assets

It is important that you disclose all of assets and properties to the lawyer and not let anything be hidden. Otherwise it will only make your case weaker in court. A person who is trying to hide something is usually deemed as a criminal or a suspect in court so be crystal clear about all the things that you own no matter how insignificant they might seem.

A family lawyer in Carrolton TX will always advise you to be as transparent as possible in this regard.

Don’t give your property away to other people or friends in the hopes of getting it back later or hiding it. Your spouse can take you back to court and will try to settle this until you compensate. On the flip side you might end up losing your property, if the person you gave it to is not willing to return it and so you will have to hire another lawyer for that.

Don’t lose your cool

Even if you are in the right and things are going in favor, one wrong move such as losing your temper (whether in private with your ex or in court) can result in you losing. It is also to be noted that you must be respectful to the judge and lawyers as well so that you seem like a level headed person.

It’s understandable and completely normal to feel frustrated and angry because let’s face it, divorce is not an exciting thing. It’s draining and exhausts one out. But you have to play your cards right and always be composed during the proceedings if you want to be listened to.

Don’t make plans to move or travel when the court dates are due

Until your divorce is finalized and done with, it is not a good idea to move out of the city, state or country. This is because you need to be constantly in touch with your family lawyer in Carrolton TX. Some things are better discussed in person plus you will need to sign paperwork and handle other legal issues with the lawyer so your presence in the city is important.

It could also seem like you are trying to avoid the court proceedings and miss out on important court dates if you are travelling a lot. The judge can then rule against your seeing that the other party is always present and you are not there. It will seem to the court that you don’t take this seriously and eventually you will lose.

Don’t violate any custody or visitation arrangements

This will only make your case weak and take away whatever custody arrangements the court had previously given you. Don’t take your kids for an extra day without the consent of your spouse otherwise even that little detail can be manipulated and used against you in court.

Any family attorney in Carrolton TX would advise you to stay within your visitation limits especially until the divorce settlement is over.  It is normal to miss your kids and spend time with them but you just have to bear a little until matters turn for the better.

 Do ask questions

It is your case after all; it is your right to ask your family attorney in Carrolton TX anything you don’t understand. The more you know and understand, the better it is for you to handle the divorce and not make any mistakes.

No matter how mundane or irrelevant the question will be, your lawyer will be happy to assist you by answering anything that is confusing.

Don’t make any private calls to your ex or try to talk to your children about the divorce

Even though it is not against the law to talk to your ex while you are in the middle of getting a divorce, it is recommended that you make as little contact as possible. You don’t know what the other party can interpret your intentions as and try to use it against you in court.

Don’t talk to your kids about every detail regarding the divorce as it they might unintentionally reveal information to your ex.

 Do Stay positive

It is definitely a trying time as your marriage is ending and if you have kids, they are going to be dividing the time between you and your ex. But know that if you remain positive, only then will things turn out smoothly. It is very important for your well being to stay away from negativity and toxic thoughts.

Getting a divorce is not an easy thing but as long as you have a great family attorney in Carrolton TX working for you, you can be assured that this chapter of your life will end nicely.

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