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Let’s face it.

No one wants to get a traffic ticket.

But here you are, driving on your own on a sunny day in Carrollton, Texas and on comes a traffic official to ruin your day with a speeding ticket. What now? Not only do you have to appear in a Carrollton municipal court, but you also need to probably pay a huge fine, surcharge and a court fee. Not only that, you now, probably, have a criminal record. And your unblemished driving record is now, well, blemished.

We know. It’s a terrible situation to be in.

But there’s a way to improve it.

It’s simple. You can get help from a Carrollton, Texas Ticket Attorney. We, at Le Brocq Law Firm, offer our clients legal assistance when it comes to dealing with tickets and warrants in Carrollton, TX. Whether you want to deal with the aftermath of the issuance of the ticket or challenge it in a Carrollton municipal court, we’re here to help. Dealing with traffic tickets is not the only thing we do. We also help our clients when it comes to getting warrants lifted in Carrollton.

Protect your untarnished driving record—leave it to Le Brocq!

The Texas Driver Responsibility Program

The state of Texas follows a point-based program to get people to drive responsibility. This means getting a ticket is not a simple matter of visiting the Carrollton municipal court and paying the fees. It’s slightly more complicated than that.

The Texas Driver Responsibility Program is designed to enforce yearly surcharges based on the number and nature of traffic violations committed by the driver in a given year. This means that, if you commit a certain number of violations, you have to pay a yearly surcharge.

Under the program, each traffic violation earns you points. If you have six points at the end of the year, you need to pay $100 dollars as a yearly surcharge. The more points you score, beyond the initial six, the higher surcharge you must pay at the end of the year. For every additional point you score, $25 dollars are added to your surcharge. You can pay the entire amount, in lump sum or choose to make installment payments.

You also need to remember that the yearly surcharge is in addition to the fees you pay on a traffic ticket. And that’s not it when it comes to the post-ticket financial expenses. You also have to pay court fees, reinstatement fees, and other penalties.

So, you see, it’s not just about criminal offences and court cases. It’s not about being guilty or not guilty. It’s not even about choosing to fight against your traffic ticket or choosing to let it slide. It’s about money. A lot of money. You may think attorneys are expensive and it would be much cheaper to pay the fees. However, at the end of the year, while doing the accounts, you will realize that it’s not necessarily true.

Save money on traffic tickets by hiring a Carrollton speeding ticket lawyer

How we can help

carrollton municipal courtA good lawyer is not just the one who knows the law. Every attorney can wade through the murky waters of the legal procedures and court cases. What separates good attorneys from bad ones, however, is how they deal with clients. Stephen Le Brocq and his team of attorneys go above and beyond the call of duty to help and support their clients not just in terms of the court case, but also in dealing with the stress and uncertainty of the situation.

So, if you have been issued a traffic ticket and you need a Carrollton Texas attorney, you need to trust our service and professional expertise. You need to leave it to Le Brocq.

We keep your driving record clean

Being a driver, your first priority should be to keep your driving record absolutely clean and free of any violations. Having previous offences on your record reflects poorly on your character and may be a hindrance when it comes to employment opportunities. If you want to keep your record clean of any Texas Driver Responsibility Program points, you need to seek help from a Carrollton, Texas Ticket Attorney.

We help save you valuable expenses

Stephen Le Brocq and his team have an excellent track record in helping our clients when it comes to saving their expenses on driving tickets. In some cases, we were able to dismiss the driving record completely, saving our clients all of the fees associated with the ticket. In other cases, we managed to reduce the fine on certain driving violations. When it comes to supporting our clients financially and helping them save money, Stephen Le Brocq is the Carrollton traffic attorney you want.

We take you through the legal process

There are many traffic attorneys in Carrollton TX who deliberately use complicated legal jargon to make the case seem more difficult than it actually is. Others use it as a ploy to empty the client’s pockets. We, at Le Brocq Law Firm, use none of those strategies. Our process is simple. We explain the technicalities of the legal process to the client in simple English. We take the client through the case one step at a time. And we’re honest and upfront about whatever the outcome of the case might be. We believe that our clients should not face the uncertainty about the potential outcome. Neither do we want to make false promises to the client.

We reduce your stress and hassle

Even if you’re suitably informed about the legal process and know all the ins and outs, court cases can be a stressful experience. And the stress levels are magnified manifold for the uninformed. We understand that. And with that in mind, we aim to help our clients deal with the stress of the situation and take them through it one step at a time. We also want to assist our clients when it comes to dealing with the hassle of the legal requirements.

Common traffic violations

Stephen Le Brocq, as the leading speeding ticket lawyer in Carrollton, has extensive experience of helping his clients deal with a number of traffic violations. You can come to us for legal assistance if:

  • You made an unsafe lane change
  • You failed to use turn signals
  • You passed another car illegally
  • You were charged with reckless driving
  • You ran a red light or stop sign
  • You followed another car at a close distance
  • You had an expired Commercial Operator’s License
  • You didn’t have a Commercial Operator’s License
  • You were fined for crossing the assigned speed limit
  • You didn’t have a driver’s license
  • You had multiple driver’s licenses
  • You were charged with an unlawful display or possession of ID
  • You failed to display an ID
  • You were charged with railroad violations

Dealing with arrest warrants at the Carrollton municipal court

Being issued a traffic ticket means you need to now appear in a Carrollton municipal court. Failure to do so will result in an arrest warrant in your name. If you have been named in an arrest warrant already and want to get the warrant lifted in Carrollton, you can contact us for our legal services.

Dealing with an arrest warrant is a complicated procedure that cannot be dealt without resorting to legal assistance. If you want someone to represent you in the court or work towards lifting your arrest warrant, you can leave it Le Brocq to do so. If the warrant has been issued because of failure to appear at court before the assigned date, we can help lift the warrant and deal with all the legal procedures involved in doing so.

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