The basic principles of hiring a car wreck attorney

Accidents are part and parcel of the tumultuous urban landscape that Carrolton, TX is so renowned for. In the blink of an eye, an unwary driver comes hurling at your car at breakneck speed, tossing your car around like a rag doll. The damage sustained during the car accident are seldom confined to the vehicle, in fact, it exposes passengers to life threatening situations which bring them face to face with deadly materials embedded inside the car. Least to say, the soft human body and hard metal in a confined space is one potentially deadly combination..

For this reason it is important to always brace for impact when you’re on Texan roads. Accidents never ‘let us off’ with a warning, they just come and go, dealing life changing damages. But what could be a better way to gear yourself for such situations than to have a Carrolton wreck lawyer’s phone number nearby? A Carrolton car wreck attorney can help you get justice for the recklessness of drunk drivers, manufacturer defects and state negligence.

When you are not to blame

Imagine a scenario in which a driver not paying attention to the roads ends up smashing the rear end of your car. It not only totals your car but also causes physical damage to you. This crash is most likely not your fault and you should be able to get the reckless driver to pay for the medical bills and other expenses incurred in repairing your vehicle. You could in addition, sue the reckless driver for their irresponsible actions. To successfully take this person to court, you would need to present a compelling argument in your favor, a process which you can expedite by having a trained Carrolton car wreck attorney on your side.

Single car crashes however, are a completely different ballpark and require a different strategic approach.

When it can be your fault – typical scenes in single car crashes

If you have been involved in a single car crash, in which only one car was involved, then you would by default be held accountable for damages. Further evidence can be used by law enforcement by cutting your speed thresholds. For example, if you were traveling at a high speed and managed to cross a certain median threshold, then courts will hold you accountable for it.

The same would be true if you made a turn at an unreasonably high speed and hit an object such as curb or pole. There are many variables at play in any accident however, and you could cite various reasons for the accident.

When it is not your fault  

It wouldn’t be your fault if the vehicle crashed because of poor road conditions such as the inconvenient placement of many potholes – a characteristic feature of roads which lack having undergone proper maintenance procedures. If you were driving at safe speeds but lost control of the vehicle due to icy roads where friction conditions aren’t ideal, then you probably won’t be held accountable for the damages.

Certain vehicles are manufactured with certain defects which slip by quality control engineers. Perhaps the brakes weren’t placed properly, car seat belts weren’t properly secured in place, wheel alignment and other failures such as poor passenger fog lighting.

All these manufacturer defects eventually slip by and you end up with a vehicle that is ripe for disaster. Only when it’s time to take the manufacturer to court for their negligence, they always have enough attorney horsepower nearby to diffuse a potentially nasty court hearing which could result in bad PR. The average person simply knows next to nothing about the potential loopholes that Carrolton TX laws have in place to rescue these juggernaut companies.

It is for this reason that we strongly recommend every person to lawyer up and get in touch with a competent and experienced Carrolton car wreck attorney with a proven work record.

What you should look for in a Carrolton car wreck lawyer

The entire experience of hiring a good Carrolton car wreck attorney can be a jarring experience if you don’t know what traits to hunt for. There are certain telltale signs you can use to separate the wheat from the chaff, the good lawyers from the not-so-good ones. The first tool in your arsenal is to chat up the attorney and see if they make any sense.

A lawyer who comes across like a ‘salesman’, a person who promises services which are too good to be true, that should be your first red flag. A good lawyer always lays things out as they are, without making too many promises. They work out of concern for your well being, not to leech off money from you.

During your little chat with the attorney, you should have a list of the following questions nearby:

  • What is the layout for your fees?
  • Are there any hidden expenses I should know about?
  • What can I expect in terms of settlement ranges for my case?
  • How many cases of car accidents have you dealt with?
  • How much experience do you have with personal injuries due to car accidents?

It is also very important to share as many details about the car accident as possible – communication is key here. It has been shown by experience that many problems arise due to the lack of communication between attorney and client. If your attorney does not want to spend time out of their busy schedule to communicate with you that should be your second biggest red flag. If they aren’t willing to have a drawn out conversation with you before accepting your case, it doesn’t paint a good picture for the future.

In addition, your attorney should be competent in both state and national transportation laws, know the ins and outs of insurance and health care companies and effectively prepare the case to have it settled in your favor. We strongly recommend you to check the attorney’s background in terms of track record, work experience and references if any.

If you have found the attorney online, then using reviews from past clients should also be factored in. Some attorneys pay people online to write fake reviews and you should always be on the lookout for such personas. One potential giveaway in this case is the recentness of their account. If the account is barely a day old, it probably means that the reviews on it are faked.

An exceptionally good attorney, one who is confident in their skills and is aware of the merit of your case will offer to accept your case on a no-win-no-fee basis. This means they will not take payment unless the court settles in your favor.

When you should be hiring a car accident lawyer

It is never too early to hire a Carrolton car wreck attorney. But it goes without saying that you should lawyer up as soon as you’re involved in a car crash, whether it is singular or whether you got involved in a fender bender.

This is particularly true if you want your insurance carriers to help out with payments. It is essential to have access to legal counsel to protect your rights and to level the playing field against the teams of lawyers your insurance carrier will likely deploy to minimize their payments.


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