10 Things to Do If You Are Falsely Accused Of a Crime in Carrolton TX

It is nice to see justice being served to people who committed crimes and it’s equally disappointing to see people behind bars for years after being framed for a crime they didn’t even commit.

You usually see that in movies, where the protagonist somehow, defies all odds and the law eventually sides with the truth. Is it really this easy in life?  Not by a stretch but it can be if you hire a good lawyer.

Being falsely accused of a crime is a nightmare anyone can go through. It tarnishes your image and respect in front of the entire community including your family and you feel isolated from everyone. This is a grave matter that must be dealt with so that you can function in the society normally and have your name cleared off.

Carrolton is a peaceful little city in general. If you happen to live there and are amidst a situation where you are wrongly accused of a criminal activity then you need to do the following 10 things:

1. Hire a criminal defense lawyer in Carrollton TX  

The first step for you to do is to hire a lawyer who will represent you in court. This will not only give you credibility but also make your case stronger in front of the judge and jury. It will also tell the other party that you are not someone who will give in to false accusations and suffer a life of misery.

You got to play smart and hard to stand up for yourself and preserve every bit of your self-respect and dignity in the eyes of the law as an obedient and law abiding citizen. Proving your innocence could take time even with a lawyer, but none the less having representation in court matters and makes a huge difference to where you stand.


2. Use your rights

If you have been accused of a crime then you must use your rights by remaining silent so that nothing is used against you later in court by the other party’s lawyer. Being a suspect is bad enough to taint your reputation, you don’t want to risk it even further by saying something you shouldn’t have.

Don’t be tempted to prove yourself innocent by yourself and explaining to the other party. That is your lawyer’s job and it will be done and settled in court. Simply say “I need to get in touch with my lawyer”. This is the smartest move you can make and might even intimidate the accuser that you are not someone that can be dealt with like this.

After telling them this, you must hire criminal defense lawyer in Carrollton TX immediately.

3. Ask for search warrants

If the other party is having an investigation done on you by showing up on your doorstep or business establishment, then you must first ask for a search warrant. Nobody has the right to enter your personal space and do any kind of search without a legal notice or warrant stating so. Doing so without any document is illegal and counts as harassment.

4. Stay away from the accuser

You might be tempted to contact the accuser and lash out. It is normal to feel this way. It can make you frustrated, angry and experience all sorts of emotions that you can’t let go of. But the last thing you should ever do is to contact the accuser in anyway be it in person, phone call or social media or email etc.

This is because all these encounters or communication can be sued against you. Even if you are trying to contact in and be civil to try to work things out, it will still be used against you for trying to manipulate or threaten someone.

Lawyers know how to use their words so all this can be easily twisted by the accuser’s attorney and make your case weaker. Any criminal defense lawyer in Carrollton TX will tell you to steer clear of the accuser. Of course this isn’t to say that you hide from that person but refrain from making any kind of contact and just leave it for court until all the charges against you have been dropped.

5. Don’t contact the accuser’s relatives or prosecution witnesses

This is as bad as contacting the accuser. It will be seen as if you are trying to bribe, use or manipulate them into turning them against the accuser. It will lower your credibility and will be used against you in court.

6. Don’t speak to anyone about your case

No matter how close you are with someone or how long you have known them, it is best not to discuss anything regarding your case. You must first discuss this with your criminal defense attorney in Carrollton TX and see how much discretion is involved in the case. It could also be that the person might be a mutual friend or acquaintance of the accuser and trying to play a neutral role. But little would you know your information could be leaked to the accuser through that person. You can only discuss matters with immediate family members such as parents or spouse etc.

7. Hire a private investigator

A good criminal defense lawyer in Carrollton TX might just have an in-house private investigator that you can use to make your case stronger. It is very important to do so if you want to increase your chances of winning the case and prove yourself innocent. You must gather all evidences against the alleged victim and turn the tables on that person by using every opportunity you can.

8. Continue life as normal

As anxiety ridden this situation might seem; you must continue your life normally without being bogged down by depression and stress. If you have done nothing wrong, then you don’t have to worry about anything.

It might not be easy but if you don’t want to risk losing your sanity, then do everything you can to stay positive. If you have a high profile case where people are following you or contacting you for interviews, then you can avoid those places where they would be able to spot you.

9. Document everything

Even if you are not someone who writes a diary, it will be better if you start taking notes and writing down everything in regards to the case. Keep all the receipts of purchases, checks, mails, letters and photos  as they can all be used as evidence to protect yourself. Should anything bad happen to you, your diary will can be used as an evidence of all your daily activities.

10. Keep yourself healthy

Remain active both physically and mentally by doing healthy things such as exercise, reading books and keeping up with the news and trends. This will ensure you are not stressed out and remain focused on the case without losing your mind.

Don’t turn to drugs or alcohol to as a form of escape from reality as all you will end up having is an addiction and a huge substance abuse problem. In fact this is the time that you need to stay level headed in order fight and win your case.

Fighting a false allegation in court is a stressful thing but it can become easier if you hire a criminal defense lawyer in Carrollton TX to help you with the process.

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